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BACMAN Power Plant is 1st “Big Bro” in Bicol

Legazpi City- The Department of Labor and Employment Regional Office No. V (Bicol) has chosen a partner the Energy Development Corporation (EDC) Bacon-Manito (BACMAN) Power Plant as the very first “Big Bro” or big brother of the Kapatiran WISE-TAV program after its signing of the Memorandum of Cooperation (MOC) on 27 July at the BACMAN administrative building.


DOLE-Bicol regional director Nathaniel V. Lacambra said that this move wil give benefit not just to BACMAN or DOLE but as well as its “Small Brothers” which are the contractors and sub-contractors of the company.


“Ang mas makikinabang talaga dito, bottom line ay yung mga workers ng mga contractors.  With this signed MOC masisiguro naten na lahat ng contractors o sub-contractors na papasok sa BACMAN ay sumusunod sa batas paggawa at merong safety and health program”  RD Lacambra added.


In tally, some 15-contractors and sub-contractors have co-signed the MOC as BACMAN’s “Small Brother”.  These small brothers have agreed to follow all rules and regulations set-forth by its Big Brother as well as core labor standards and safety and health program.  In turn, BACMA will help its small brother to grow and prosper in its business so that later on they will also eventually become Big Brothers.


“The Kapatiran program by the name itself means that the companies involved are willing to adopt a give and take relationship.  Magka-akibat sila sa asenso.  Iyan talaga ang layunin nito,” DOLE Bicol asst. reg. dir. Exequiel Ronnie A. Guzman said.


The Kapatiran WISE-TAV is a program of DOLE that promotes a pro-active approach by encouraging big business establishments, or the Big Brother, to police its contractors and sub-contractors, or Small Brothers, by ensuring that the later will abide with the labor standards and occupational safety and health regulations.


As of press time, DOLE-Bicol has monitored that the Kapatiran in BACMAN has already established several innovations especially on safety procedures inside the premises of the company.  The small brothers are now being required to submit safety programs and procedures in carrying out their job contracts.


The MOC signing was witnessed by BLR Director Atty. Romeo Montefalco and BWSC Director Chita D.G. Cilindro.  –fin.


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