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Legazpi City- DOLE Bicol here yesterday sternly warns Bicolano businessmen and workers to watch out for “Bogus” Inspectors who, according to reports received by DOLE Bicol, are going aroung business establishments and asking for money.


“These unscrupulous individuals are pretending to be labor inspectors of DOLE Bicol threatening business owners and workers and selling them DOLE Registration Form 1020 and asking for higher money allegedly for an issuance of Certificate of Competency (COC). These services are free,” DOLE Bicol reg. dir. Atty. Ma. Karina Perida-Trayvilla said.


The modus of these “Bogus” Inspectors is selling the DOLE Registry of Establishment Form 1020 for a minimum amount of P5,000.00 and an additional fee of P10,000.00 is asked if the establishment wanted a COC Compliance Certificate. 


“The public must be warned that legitimate DOLE inspectors are not allowed to take money least demand a money from establishments nor workers. Rule 1020 Registration Form and registration itself is free while COC issuance is suspended by virtue of DOLE Secretary Silvestre H. Bello, III memorandum dated 22 June 2017. So there’s no way we would issue such COC certification,”  DOLE Bicol incoming regional director and concurrent asst. reg. dir. Rovelinda A. Dela Rosa said.


Although it is true that establishments are required to register with DOLE under RULE 1020, the form. The process and the actual approval of said registration are completely free of charge. In fact, the Registry of Establishment Forms are available in all provincial offices of DOLE Bicol and it is accessible and downloable on line via  Meanwhile, the Certificate of Competency (COC) compliance certificate have been suspended since 22 June 2017.


“Even if the COC issuance was not suspended, still it is free of charge,” DOLE Bicol incoming regional director Rovelinda A. Dela Rosa stressed.


Due to the reports, DOLE Bicol is closely coordinating with the PNP and NBI for the possible entrapment of these Bogus Inspectors. But appealed for the help of the tri-media in warning Bicolano Populace regarding the modus. With the seriousness of the reports, the regional office has even organized a Press Conference on 29 August 2017, 11-12am at the DOLE Bicol Activity Center for this purpose.


“We are urging the public, businessmen, individuals, companies, media and even workers to report to us if they see these Bogus Inspectors using our DOLE Hotline (0918) 309-6665. Please help us stop these individuals. They are tarnishing the good image of our office,” DOLE Bicol incoming reg. dir. Rovelinda A. Dela Rosa added.


It can be recalled that one of the major reason why DOLE Bicol’s Hotline (0918) 309-6665 have been launched was due to previous reports of illicit acts of these Bogus Inspectors.


“The Hotline launching back then have somehow stopped the operations of these unscrupulous individuals but not it seems that they  surfaced again. This time we want to entrap them with the help of the media and the Bicolano populace,” DOLE Bicol incoming regional director Rovelinda A. Dela Rosa ended. – fin.


ISO PR Code: 2017_54_reg_aug3_ro_ boguseng
Department of Labor and Employment
Regional Office No. 5 (DOLE-Bicol)                  
22 August 2017, rpescalante

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