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DOLE Bicol Safety Patrol To Roll Out on October 30

Legazpi City– Projected as probably the biggest motorcade event in the history of DOLE Bicol, the launching of the Zero Workplace Accident or better known as DOLE Bi-SAFE Patrol is scheduled early morning of October 30 from Peñaranda Park Legazpi City to Bicol University.


“Workplace safety is everyone’s concern and we want not only the region but the entire country to internalize this,” DOLE Bicol regional director Rovelinda A. Dela Rosa author of the safety initiative said.


As of press time, the motorcade will be participated by at least 55 vehicles and 30 motorcycle riders from government agencies, Barangay official from the 70-Barangays in Legazpi, private sector, the Regional Industry Tripartite Peace Council (RTIPC), Regional Efficiency and Integrity Board (RTEIB), OSHNET Bicol and member agencies of the Philippine Army led group “Tsokolate at Pandesal (TAP)”.


The motorcade is only the opening salvo of the main event which is the launching of the DOLE Bicol Barangay Safety Patrol (Barangay Bi-SAFE Patrol) which will commence right after the motorcade at the 3rd Floor Training Hall, Bicol University College of Science which will run until 4:00pm.


“When I assumed as RD, fatal were accidents brought to my attention by the media asking for actions done but the problem is, it was not reported to us. The divide is in the reporting. Now, we will ask the help of the Barangays to report to us any workplace accident in their area,” DOLE Bicol regional director Rovelinda A. Dela Rosa stressed.


DOLE Bicol has acknowledged the importance of the Barangays as first responders in the implementation of its Workplace Safety Program. With the Barangay Safety Patrol in place, DOLE Bicol can be assured that all workplace accidents will be reported.


“We will also ask Barangays to map in their area workplaces that may be considered as high risk s we can intervene immediately and prevent any accidents,” DOLE Bicol asst. reg. dir. Teodoro T. Delson said.


Also, as part of the program, the Barangays will be trained in Basic Safety and Health courtesy of the OSHC and OSHNET.


Meanwhile, ECC Bicol has pledged to shoulder the printing of the DOLE Bi-SAFE advocacy stickers which later will be posted inside public busses, jeeps and tricycles.


“Actually the RTIPC group was only planning a simple motorcade but now with the support of almost everyone, it has become a very big event. It only means to say safety really is everyone’s concern,” DOLE Bicol regional director Rovelinda A. Dela Rosa explained – fin.


ISO PR Code: 2017_65_gud_oct3_ro_Bi-Safe
Department of Labor and Employment
Regional Office No. 5 (DOLE-Bicol)                       
24 October 2017


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