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DOLE pushes for digital-ready workforce in Bicol


Legazpi City - With the rapid technological developments and fast-paced industry advancements, the Department of Labor and Employment in Bicol (DOLE-5) forged collaboration with career advocates to guide the students towards a digital-ready workforce.

“No one must be displaced and no one must be left behind,” lawyer Benjo Santos Benavidez, DOLE assistant secretary for regional operations and special concerns cluster, said.

Benavidez said the intermediation of career advocacy for students is very essential to ensure that the benefits of digital transformations are fairly shared between people, regions and businesses.

On August 22 to 23, 2019, DOLE-5 conducted its 4th Regional Career Advocacy Congress (RCAC) in Legazpi City to introduce the future work and its implications to career guidance.

This served as an avenue for the career advocates and the guidance counselors to prepare and provide proper directions to students in upskilling, reskilling and retooling them towards a changing labor market.

Under the RA 11206 or the Secondary School Career Guidance and Counseling Act that was signed into law this year, career guidance and counseling programs will be instituted in all public and private secondary schools nationwide.

Benavidez confirmed that there could be jobs that will be phased out and there could be occupations where workers have to suffer from this new age of technology.

“But that does not necessarily mean that people will lose their livelihood. As tools evolve, so should the people,” he said.

DOLE-5 Regional Director Alvin M. Villamor said transformation in labor landscape has led to mismatch between labor demand and labor supply in the country.

“In order to address this, current and future skills requirements should be closely monitored and anticipated. Interventions in the form of policies, programs and projects are needed to maneuver the future work,” he said.

Addressing unemployment and job mismatch is a collaborative effort, he added.

To address these issues, the RCAC drafted the Bicol Regional Career Guidance Advocacy Plan for 2019 to 2022./ISO PR Code:2019_gud_August_27_ DOLE pushes for digital-ready workforce in Bicol




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