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“Pick Your College Course Wisely” DOLE-Bicol

Legazpi City- In an effort to prevent massive unemployment and underemployment in the months of March, April and May, the Department of Labor and Employment-Bicol sternly warns graduating high school students to consult first with DOLE concerning in-demand jobs before deciding to take up their college courses.


Courses taken in college play a vital role in determining job placements.  “Your college course is actually your future. So you have to decide wisely.” DOLE-Bicol Regional Director Atty. Alvin M. Villamor cited.


Nowadays, the local DOLE chief said, most students would prefer to take up courses with ‘promising’ white collar jobs after graduation. “but they (students) fail to realize that the region has very few vacancies for this employment type and they (students) end up either unemployed or underemployed” Villamor added. The result of this, DOLE-Bicol said is skills miss-match.


Statistics show that job placements or more so, job vacancies in the region for the past years came in the areas of agriculture and personal skills. The jobs offered in Bicol is ‘technically’ composed mostly of blue-collar jobs like agri-based workers, mechanics, farm helpers, welders and other jobs that require physical skills.  These vacancies as well as international vacancies posted by the DOLE, are in direct contrast with the courses most students prefer to take in college.  “Our data shows that there is a wide need of blue-collar workers rather than white collar ones” Villamor pushed.


Villamor further said that existing job vacancies in the region, can not, in anyway, accommodate the large influx of graduates finishing white-collar courses.    “The need to orient students as to courses to take up is a necessity.  We have to do it NOW!”


Bicolanos must also realize that the region has very limited employment opportunities and if possible students must take up courses which complement international or global vacancies for faster placement.


“The entire Philippines, not just Bicol, is faced with the problem of manpower surplus and the effects of the global financial crisis (GFC). We have limited employment opportunities here and abroad.  But still, most courses taken by our students are not among the list of the ‘in-demand jobs’ in the global pool of vacancies. We are encouraging students to take up courses that will complement or respond to the local as well as global vacancies under the in-demand jobs list.” Villamor stressed.


DOLE-Bicol suggests that not only students but schools as well, must consult with DOLE to know the ‘in-demand-jobs’.  DOLE-Bicol believes that school institutions are equally liable in the bloating number of skills miss-match due to failure to advocate to the students the in-demand jobs.

“All schools from elementary to tertiary, must, I repeat must, inform their students of the current in-demand jobs vacancies posted by DOLE. These in-demand-jobs will give the student a bird’s eye view of what course to pursue in college. Bicolanos  must realize the grave importance of knowing and analyzing the list of in-demand jobs posted by DOLE.” Villamor stressed. 



Top 10 Job Vacancies as follows:

  1. Call Center Agent;
  2. Customer Service Assistant;
  3. Professional Nurse;
  4. Technical Support Staff;
  5. Information Technology Specialist;
  6. Production Worker;
  7. Domestic Helper;
  8. Saleslady/Salesman;
  9. Promo Salesperson; and
  10. Pharmacist.


Top 10 Unfilled –Hard to Fill Up Job Vacancies

  1. Household Service Worker;
  2. Production & Related Worker;
  3. Professional Nurses;
  4. Plumber & Fitters;
  5. Waiters Bartenders & related Workers;
  6. Wiremen Electrical;
  7. Service Workers (NEC);
  8. Cook & Related Workers;
  9. Caregivers & caretakers;
  10. Welders & Flame Cutters

 DOLE-Bicol strongly push students, family members and school administrators to take into utmost consideration the employment trends for the prosperity of Bicol. -end-

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