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DOLE & SSS On-Air Wins Broadcast Journalism Awards

In our effort to bring our services closer to the public, DOLE-Bicol forged a strong-alliance with the region's tri-media and with it comes our four (4) free, weekly radio programs soaring "on air" regionwide.

With these radio programs, DOLE's voice is surely heard from mainland Bicol down to its island provinces.  The radio programs is hosted or co-hosted by PIO and "Aksyon Man" Raymond P. Escalante.

Aside from the Radio Programs, DOLE-Bicol also have its newest initiative - DAMA Bicol.  DAMA Bicol is a partnership with the tri-media region wide.  Through DAMA the members of the tri-media will have the authority to gather labor complaints, document it using the TUSOC-Q form then channel it to DOLE Regional Office for appropriate action and verification.

Also on August 2010, DOLE-Bicol will formally launch its own column at Dyaryo Bicol - a stable weekly newspaper with region wide coverage.  This is in addition to the office's official print publication the Bicol Labor.

Surely, with the above mentioned information arsenal and this web site, DOLE-Bicol is positive that IT IS REACHING the hearts and soul of BICOLANOS! 

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