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A Secretary’s fight for her rights

Sorsogon - Former branch secretary, Amy Rose Gutlay, received her collection incentives, cash bond, penalty incentives, Service Incentive Leave (SIL) pay and proportionate 13th month pay in the aggregate amount of P92,796.68 through check on Thursday at the office of the Department of Labor and Employment Sorsogon Provincial Office (DOLE-SPO).

Gutlay was accused of alleged tampering of collection receipt by the motorcycle dealer company she served for more than two years, thereby resulting to her termination under just causes.

According to her, she tried to provide an explanation and defense, however her employer was eager to terminate her.

With this, Gutlay was left with no other option but to ask for assistance from DOLE-SPO to help her receive her unclaimed compensation and benefits.

Therefore, the DOLE-SPO acted on her complaint and scheduled mediation conference through Single Entry Approach (SEnA) in the hope of settlement. During the first conference last October 13, 2022, the responding party contended that if Gutlay is to insist on her monetary claims, they will pursue a case against her in the regular court. On the other hand, if she is to withdraw her claims, the responding party shall also disregard thoughts of filling the case.

Not wanting to be further abused by her employer, Gutlay stood firm with her decision of claiming her well-deserved monetary entitlements and benefits that she worked hard for in years, and that she deserved.

Consequently, a computation of Ms. Gutlay’s monetary claims was presented by the corresponding party during the second conference last October 24, 2022, payments were made, finally closing and settling the issue.

“Hinihimo po niya an intiro para madanunan ako yan naghahatag po siya advice sa akon regarding sa kaso (He did everything, all means possible, to help me with my complaint. Also he gave me some pieces of advice on how I deal with my case).” was Gutlay’s feedback to the hearing SEADO officer, Mr. William Ariz H. Villar, LEO lll-FNLI.

Despite having to face her employer again, this time in a regular court, Gutlay expressed her happiness that for once, she was able to fight for her rights and harvest the fruit of her hardwork.

“Malaksi po ang process, na-aasikaso po ang mga nagrereklamo yan nagdadanun po ang opisina sa DOLE sa mga naghahagad danon. (DOLE-SPO quickly responded to my complaint, as well as the process of settlement was efficient. I would say that the Department gives importance and attention to those who seek for assistance,)” said Gutlay.

Regional Director Ma. Zenaida A. Angara-Campita said that DOLE’s banner program ensures all complaints shall first go through a 30-day mandatory conciliation and mediation period to exhaust possible means towards a fair settlement before they are referred for arbitration.

She encouraged workers to file their complaints through E-SEnA – a free online service that facilitates requests for the conduct of conciliation-mediation so they would not have to go to the DOLE office.

/With a report from Jennifer Digol and Russell Ulysses I. Nieves/

/ISO PR Code:2022_gud_Nov_15_ A Secretary’s fight for her rights 


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