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News for the year 2022
Title Date
A Secretary’s fight for her rights2022-11-15
Project PEACE to scale up the lives of Citronella growers in Cam Norte2022-11-11
Application of CSHP goes Online!2022-11-09
Uplifting the lives of unserved workers in far-flung town in Cam Sur2022-10-20
E-SEna brings hope to worker in Cam Norte2022-10-17
DOLE Naga assists company in the release of P912, 655 benefits2022-10-11
Livelihood Project for Mount Cadig Development Association, Inc.2022-10-11
Parents of CLs get Kabuhayan package2022-10-07
DOLE Nego-Karts continue to provide livelihood program for mobile workers2022-10-06
Former GIPs, now multipliers of DOLE on Occupational Safety2022-10-06
DOLE Bicol employees get booster shots2022-09-28
DOLE strengthens monitoring, investigation of labor-related cases2022-09-28
Giving Hope to At-Risk Bicolano Youth thru JobStart Program2022-09-14
Driver gets separation pay and other benefits2022-09-12
DOLE Bicol joins 3Qtr National Simultaneous Earthquake Drill2022-09-06
Empowering the youth sector thru serbisyo caravan, solution-seeking dialogues in Cam Norte2022-09-06
TUPAD program to benefit the most vulnerable sector in Tigaon, Cam Sur2022-09-01
Strengthening programs for senior citizens, parents of CLs2022-08-31
'Serbisyong TUPAD' aids 1,386 workers in 5th Dist. of Cam Sur2022-08-25
194 na mangagawang-benipesyaryo sa Albay, nakatanggap ng tulong pinansyal sa ilalim ng TUPAD2022-08-24
184 self-employed workers in Daet, Cam Norte get TUPAD salaries2022-08-23
Kusinera, tumanggap ng benepisyo sa pagreretiro sa pamamagitan ng SEnA2022-08-23
Displaced construction workers get monetary benefits thru SEnA 2022-08-22
Reaching far-flung villages for serbisyo caravan, solution-seeking dialogue 2022-08-15
P3.3 million TUPAD salaries released in the 1st District of Cam Sur2022-08-12
Worker in printing press claims separation pay2022-08-12
14 members of LGBT in Albay get bike, tools from DOLE2022-07-25
GSAC Hospital supports DOLE’s Family Welfare Program2022-07-25
105 hired on the spot (HOTS) in Kalayaan Job Fair2022-06-13
DOLE Bicol joins 2Q Nat’l Simultaneous Quake Drill 2022-06-09
DOLE Bicol grants Kabuhayan Starter Kits to 14 Balik-Probinsya beneficiaries2022-04-06
Over 1k jobs up for grabs on DOLE Job, Trade Fair, Skills Profiling in Masbate2022-03-23
DOLE Bicol, nagbigay trabaho sa Masbateño sa ilalim ng TUPAD2022-03-16
Former rebels get livelihood package from DOLE Bicol2022-03-04
Displaced drivers, truck mechanics claim over 350k separation pay thru settlement2022-02-28
On DOLE's order, delivery firm refunds unauthorized deductions from riders2022-02-28
Restoring livelihoods for Tiwi fisherfolks2022-02-22
Government Internship Program, a stepping stone to becoming a public teacher2022-02-18
Fitness Program pushed to meet 'New Norms' work challenge2022-02-16
Typhoon-stricken fisherfolks in Dimasalang, Masbate receive new boats to start anew2022-02-11
Walking through life with no legs: A woman's struggle to achieve success2022-02-10
195 GIP interns deployed to various government agencies in Cam Norte2022-02-10
DOLE Bicol calls for PESO Institutionalization in Catanduanes towns2022-02-10
Patuloy na pamamahagi ng Serbisyong TUPAD sa 90 benepisyaryo ng Masbate2022-02-07
DOLE Bicol, nagbigay ng Serbisyong TUPAD sa 455 na benepisyaryo sa San Pascual, Masbate2022-02-07
Serbisyong TUPAD, nagbigay trabaho sa 47 benepisyaryo sa RAPURAPU, Albay2022-02-07
144 na manggagawang-benepisyaryo sa Legazpi, nakatanggap ng tulong pinansyal sa ilalim ng TUPAD2022-02-04
DOLE Bikecination Project promotes safe economy thru full vaccination in the informal sector2022-02-04
DOLE Bicol, naghatid ng Serbisyong TUPAD sa 87 na benepisyaryo sa Sto. Domingo, Albay2022-02-04
191 Irigueños, nabigyan ng trabaho sa ilalim ng Serbisyong TUPAD ng DOLE2022-02-03
Serbisyong TUPAD, ipinaabot sa 150 na apektadong manggagawa sa Iriga City2022-02-02
Bikecination Project pedals displaced Catanduangon workers out of poverty2022-01-28
30 years in service as househelp enjoys retirement pay after settlement thru SEnA2022-01-25
DOLE Bicol gives free bikes to Albay displaced workers2022-01-24
Kabuhayan Assistance pours to Individual, Group projects in various BLGUs of Sorsogon2022-01-21
18 Cam Sur locals benefit from DOLE-Bikecination project2022-01-20
Tulong mula sa Programang TUPAD, ipinaabot sa mahigit 100 na apektadong manggagawa sa Legazpi City2022-01-18
Over 2k Bicolano workers get P48M due payment, employment benefits thru SEnA2022-01-07